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Index – Science – Is not sugar the enemy? So drink your coffee if you want a long life!

Index - Science - Is not sugar the enemy?  So drink your coffee if you want a long life!

We often hear that sugar consumption is one of the biggest enemies of our health, however, according to a recent study, there is a case that it can still be beneficial for our health.

Traditionally, coffee is eaten by the person who consumes it with sugar or milk, but everyone generally has the same opinion about high-sugar coffee: it may be delicious, but it certainly isn’t healthy. There has been a wealth of research on this topic in recent years, some of which have drawn attention to the dangers of coffee consumption, while others have shown its beneficial effects.

However, according to a recent study, a little sugar can work wonders, as research published in recent days has shown that those who add a spoonful of sugar to their coffee live longer than their peers who drink it differently. Download.

Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine New study In addition, researchers have found that not only is coffee harmful to health, but consumers can live longer than non-coffee houses. Researchers at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China, studied 171,000 British participants over a seven-year period.

A study by university researchers found that coffee users in the study group were 21 percent less likely to die than those who didn’t drink coffee.

Research has shown that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop heart disease and cancer than those who avoid it. An even more interesting finding was made by researchers who evaluated study results, finding that people who drank moderately sweetened coffee daily were 29 to 31 percent less likely to die than those who didn’t drink caffeinated beverages.

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The study also indicated that it didn’t matter whether people drank instant, decaffeinated, or ground coffee, because each type of coffee prevented participants from developing major health problems. As now, before the other The study was conducted in 2018 He also found an association between moderate coffee consumption and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The positive effects of caffeinated drinks on the brain have been demonstrated in several studies, with researchers at the University of Toronto and the Krembil Research Institute in Canada discovering that coffee consumption can have a neuroprotective effect that protects consumers from developing certain brain disorders.

This claim was backed up in 2021 by the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers, and Aging Lifestyle Study of Edith Cowan University. study as wellTherefore, researchers are also encouraging those at risk of developing a neurological disease to drink coffee.

It is a simple thing that people can easily follow. Regular coffee consumption may be particularly beneficial for people who are at risk of cognitive decline but do not yet have any symptoms. Some clear guidelines should be developed in the future for people to follow and hopefully have a lasting impact

explained For New Food Magazine Research leader Samantha Boustany.

(Cover image by Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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