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Index – Science – Can mathematics prove the existence of God?

Index – Science – Can mathematics prove the existence of God?

The beginning idea suggests that since mathematics is a reflection of infinity, permanence, and omnipotence, it can only come from God, who alone unites these attributes.

analogy to me Numbers and equations have always existed, as with God, both concepts are immaterial and eternal, just as we accept their eternity in the case of numbers, many of us doubt that in the case of God.

Saint Augustine IV. centuryHe came up with his own guide in 2012, according to which we can divide the natural world into two ways: concrete physical things that we perceive with our senses (for example, the environment and people) and general, abstract concepts that we can talk about, think about, but not perceive physically.

Mathematics belongs to the latter circle, and there are many ideas about its concepts among mathematicians and philosophers. Do numbers really exist or are they just creations of the human mind and mean nothing more than words?

Existing numbers

If we think about the formation of the solar system: Our solar system had a sun a billion years ago, but at that time there was no trace of man, that is, the number 1 in a certain way already exists independently of the human mind. But if we think about the physical constants of the universe that have existed since the Big Bang, the same conclusion: measurable proportions, their numbers So they are real. How do numbers actually exist independently of humans?

Puts numbers in the world of Plato’s postulates. St. Augustine and Leibniz claimed

If eternal mathematics has the same properties as God, then the mind in which mathematics exists must also be infinite.

So the evidence for God’s existence can be that our abstract, abstract ideas also exist in God’s mind and that we, who were created in his image, participate in his thoughts. The presence of mathematics and other abstract concepts may indicate infinite omnipotence, eternal divine intelligence.

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