Index – Outside – The Senate approves the appointment of a new US Secretary of State

On Tuesday, the US House of Lords approved the appointment of Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State.

In the 100-member Senate, 78 voted for him, while 22 were against Joe Biden’s nomination as the new US presidential candidate, much higher than his predecessors, Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo.

While a simple majority was sufficient, many Republicans voted in the Democratic-controlled body for him.

Anthony Blinken, 58, of Hungarian descent, is the 71st Secretary of State of the United States.

At his Senate hearing last week, Blinken promised to repair the damage to the image of the United States and the State Department abroad over the past four years. He confirmed that he intends to appoint professional diplomats to prominent positions.

America’s leadership is important. In fact, the world does not organize itself


If we do not commit ourselves, we are not leading, one of the things that happen is that another country is trying to replace us, but not in a way that promotes our interests and values. The other option is chaos. Nobody serves the American people

– Tell. The new head of US diplomacy strongly supports the reaffirmation of transatlantic relations, so experts expect a great rapprochement between the US and Europe in the coming years.

In former President Barack Obama’s government, Anthony Blinken was the National Security Adviser and then the Deputy Secretary of State. He began his career at the State Department during the presidency of Bill Clinton. His father, Donald Blinken, now 95, was the US ambassador to Hungary at the time.

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