INDEX - OUTSIDE - Standing in the water, Tuvalu's foreign minister delivers a message to the Climate Summit

INDEX – OUTSIDE – Standing in the water, Tuvalu’s foreign minister delivers a message to the Climate Summit

Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister, Oceania, Simon Coffey, delivered a special message to the Climate Summit. The Minister rose to his knees in the water in a video message to participants in the Glasgow Climate Summit (COP26).

The Tuvalu Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote that the statement, in addition to what was said at the Climate Summit, puts the situation in Tuvalu on the ground due to climate change and rising sea levels.

By the way, only three of the 14 island nations of Oceania – Palau, Fiji and Tuvalu – personally attend the Climate Summit. This is surprising because the leaders of these countries tend to emerge, as they are particularly vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Islands are disappearing, we are practically drowning

Saeed Seif Payew, Tuvalu Finance Minister, at the Climate Summit.

On the other hand, the absence is made understandable by the massive restriction of travel to the islands due to the coronavirus epidemic, which explains the situation. Reaching the climate summit has been a “huge challenge” for him, Baigno said, having last left the island with 12,000 residents two years ago. He added that he will have to self-quarantine for three weeks after his return.

By the way, Tuvalu – along with the island of Nauru – is one of the two countries in the world where no infection has been recorded so far. To date, Tonga has also expanded this list, But they fell a few days ago.

(via Yahoo newsAnd Reuters)

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