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Index – Outside – A woman’s house was accidentally destroyed

Index – Outside – A woman’s house was accidentally destroyed

Susan Hodgson said she received a phone call from her neighbor while on vacation saying her property was being vandalized.

My neighbor asked me if I had hired someone to demolish my house. I said no, so he told me that someone had demolished everything here

The woman said.

The neighbor then approached the workers and told them that the owner had not granted a permit to work, so they must show their permit. Then one of the workers took out the paper and shouted:

Oh, we’re at the wrong address!

Then the man and his companions packed their belongings and left the place. The woman said that she did not receive compensation, nor even an apology, and wrote A Fox5atlanta.

“It’s hard to believe that someone would think they had the right to demolish a house and then walk away without a word. They didn’t apologise, they didn’t ask how they could help repair the damage. They didn’t give me anything,” Hodgson said.

The owner in question said that although no one had lived in the house for years, he had high regard for it, because it had been in his family for a long time.

“It had been covered over for about 15 years, but we kept it organized, cut the grass in the yard regularly and paid the taxes,” said the owner, who said they had already contacted the relevant demolition company, which said they were working to investigate the situation and compensate for the damage.