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Index – Outside – A railway bridge collapsed in Norway

Index – Outside – A railway bridge collapsed in Norway

Almost half of the steel structure of the bridge on the Eidsvoll-Trondheim railway collapsed and fell into the Lagen River due to the weakening of one of the pillars due to the water level rising significantly in recent days, the statement said.

The bridge has been closed since last week due to heavy rains in the area.

Storm Hans caused floods and landslides to hit the area. Judgment time first arrived in Sweden at the beginning of last week, followed shortly after by Norway. Several rivers overflowed their banks, and thousands had to evacuate areas that had become dangerous.

The bad weather also caused traffic disruptions, which meant that the Department of Ringerike district in the southeastern part of the country

As of Monday morning, 920 of its residents had not been able to return home due to road obstructions.

Although the situation appears to be stabilizing in most of the regions affected by the period, according to the meteorological forecast, a large amount of rain is expected again on Tuesday in southeastern Norway. The authorities are warning residents of the possibility of more landslides.