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Index – Meanwhile – the son moves to America, his girlfriend Schubert Norby is also with him

Index – Meanwhile – the son moves to America, his girlfriend Schubert Norby is also with him

The star chef revealed that it became clear after the report that their lives were heading in a different direction.

The relationship between Zsuzsi Kollányi and Roland Bóza, who appeared together in public for the first time in July, has ended.

Then it seemed like an absolute diva the chef The winner of the 2021 season has already found each other, but their relationship recently ended.

“For months, we tried to shape our lives to fit each other’s lives, but despite our efforts, we had to realize that we were not heading in the same direction, nor did we want the same things at the same time.” To blink Boza, who was fully identified after seeing the report.

“Zsuzsi recently a Plus factsHe showed me his last number, which he wrote to me,

But from his statement and the report, it was clear that he was not planning his future with me.

Although the interview was published as is, he did not provide details. Long conversations followed and we agreed to continue separately. “Our breakup was preceded by several weeks of conversation. He tried hard, and I tried too, but we had to admit that we couldn’t continue our relationship now.”

In addition, the chef has been diagnosed with a serious illness and will undergo surgery soon.

“Zsuzsi was very kind and immediately tried to fix everything, but even though she is important to me, I have to realize that now my health is the most important thing and to see my son grow up. What will happen between us and Zsuzsi is the music of the future, but we can We have happy months behind us, even though we have had so little time for each other.”

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