Index – Meanwhile – Gabby Toth is getting more and more nervous, and it hurts her and her little girl that they still live in a boarding house

They will soon start a new life in Szentendre, but their dream apartment is not yet completed.

Gabby Tooths were still unable to move into their future home. The singer and her husband, Gabor Krosz, are going to start a new life in a large family home in Szentendre, but only for the time being in a conditional way, because, as already mentioned, their house is not yet completely finished due to ongoing works. Until then, they lived in a boarding house and lived out of boxes, and the situation affected a family with young children.

“My poor fellow is very tired now, and so we admit it. Although he can sleep relatively well in a strange place, the fact that we cannot keep up the daily routine so far, and the usual rhythm has been quite disturbed, makes him more and more delicate, and I shall be I’d be lying if I said that I’m not getting more and more nervous. I’m trying to endure my hysterics endlessly, because I know it’s at least as hard on him, if not harder than we are, but I’m human, not just a mother, so there are definitely fights between us,” Quote eyelash the singer familyFrom her blog, where she also talks about her, they are trying to help Hanarusa during this period, because she doesn’t really understand what’s going on around her because of her age.

“We try to explain to her that when she’s ready, she’ll have the most beautiful room on earth, but my little darling doesn’t quite understand what that means yet. When she cries that she wants to go home, I’m in such pains of remorse that I’m not sure if we’ve made The right decision, but then we go to the construction site, and I’m standing on the porch and I know we’re going to be at home here.”

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