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Index – Interior Ministry – invited Peter Szijjarto, the American ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Index – Interior Ministry – invited Peter Szijjarto, the American ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It's Peter Szijjarto vehicle In response to his question, he said that he appointed David Pressman as Hungarian ambassador to the United States, who was also received by Deputy Minister Levente Magyar at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

US President Joe Biden criticized his rival Donald Trump for meeting Viktor Orban, but also criticized the Hungarian Prime Minister. “Do you know who you will meet at Mar-a-Lago today? With Hungarian Orban, who stated directly that he does not believe democracy works and wants dictatorship,” Joe Biden said, and the US ambassador was summoned because of the statement.

We are under no obligation to tolerate such lies from anyone, even if that person is the President of the United States

Peter Szijjarto replied.

Deputy Minister Levente Magyar asked him to do so David Prismantto show the quote with the place and time when the Prime Minister was supposed to say what Joe Biden attributed to Viktor Orbán.

Obviously nothing of the sort has been said, so we cannot get a meaningful answer to this question. The ambassador's statement that the official American position, that we are building a dictatorship in Hungary, makes bilateral relations very difficult, because it harms not the government, but the country, because the Prime Minister and the government are not leading the country thanks to a random lottery, but on the basis of the choice of the people.

– said Peter Szijjarto, adding that the ruling party won four consecutive elections, and thus the people determined the direction of the government they would implement. If it is not implemented, people will not be re-elected, “an important part of democracy.”

Peter Szijjarto added: “This is a very serious insult. We asked for this ourselves, and we invited the ambassador, and this kind of thinking of the American president, the government and the Democratic administration represents a heavy burden on bilateral relations.”

The US Embassy in Budapest confirmed the news. The ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry building for an urgent meeting on Tuesday morning due to Joe Biden's statements. They also wrote in their announcement that David Pressman is always happy to discuss the state of Hungarian democracy.

(Cover image: Peter Szijjarto and David Pressman. Photo: Peter Papajcik / Index)