Index – Indoor – Friday will be a day for children with special educational needs

turn it off. The foundation was founded four years ago by two young undergraduates, Luca Pardew and Victoria Corney, with the goal of helping families raising children with special educational needs to relax. They did it with such success and sympathy that in 2020 they were among the winners of Hungary’s Highlights.

The organization is now making a name for itself with a campaign: it has made March 10 a day for families raising children with special needs.

In the same way that everything in the world celebrates World Day today, we would like Hungary to unite on March 10 for families raising children with special educational needs – read KIKAPCS. in his newsletter. – In our opinion, it is an increasingly important and burning issue, because according to the data of 2022, there are already more than 97,000 SNI children living in Hungary, and this number is increasing every year. We would like the society to pay more attention to this problem and help these families together.

Sports centers, cozy breakfast spots, coffee shops, Pilates rooms and brands have joined the initiative. All of them are places whose mission is to give a good and relaxing experience to those who visit and spend a few hours with them.

What do they have in common? March 10th will be about KIKAPCS.olódás and families raising SEN children! turn it off. On the occasion of the institution’s birthday

turn it off. The foundation’s mission is to provide families raising children with special educational needs with discounted hotel accommodation, through the provision of volunteers, and through monthly community programs to ensure families are relaxed. This is how they do it so that families raising children with special needs can also enjoy experiences that will last a lifetime. By providing a loving and supportive community, they are building a community where, even if everyone is a little different, common ground can always be found.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) is an umbrella term that includes several visual impairments: visual impairment, hearing impairment, motor impairment, intellectual disability and psychodevelopmental disorder (autism, ADHD). That’s why it was turned off.

Its symbol for this day is an umbrella, as this umbrella represents a protection net in which everyone finds common ground.

regardless of your SNI status. Let the symbol of this day be a blue umbrella that protects, supports and brings you together!

All venues that joined the campaign put on a creative bid. BFF Pilates and Revi Studios donate their entire day’s income to the organization. If someone comes to Leo Bistro and orders a Coracao do Mundo cocktail, HUF 1,000 goes to the organization, and if you visit Franziska, and order a cookie, the customer supports the organization by buying it. If someone orders a blue scarf from Flancos, it also helps SNI families. But if we ask Wolt, today it will also be about KIKAPCS.olódás, as Wolt also joined the campaign.

The organization hopes to turn it off on March 10, the day for families raising children with special educational needs. The city turns blue!