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This hasn’t happened in Formula 1 since 1974 as it is now in Abu Dhabi

At the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia, it was decided that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen would be able to travel to Abu Dhabi, the final race venue of the season, in a tie. In the history book of Race Circus, we have to go back to 1974(!), because the last time something similar happened.

27 years ago, the then-race circus would have gone into the end-of-season race with a tie between Emerson Fittipaldi and Clay Rigazzoni. In the end, the Brazilian phenomenon can rejoice, as his Swiss rival finished only eleventh, giving him plenty of fourth place. At that time, the points system was different, because there were only 9 points to win that year. Because of this, the two championship hopefuls were waiting for the last race of the season with 52-52 points, and thus Fittipaldi finally beat Regazzoni by 3 points.

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However, in 2021 the situation will be different, with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton both scoring 369.5 – 369.5 points ahead of the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This necessarily means that whoever finishes first will win the World Cup. The most extreme scenario would have been if the seven-time world champion Briton was only ninth and the young Red Bull finished 10th with the bonus point for the fastest lap next to his name.

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In that case I would end the 22-race world championship with a tie which would see Verstappen win this position because he has won more races than Hamilton. We’ll get an answer to that question this week.

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