Index - FOMO - Elon Musk rips Nicolas Cage and takes his film studio money

Index – FOMO – Elon Musk rips Nicolas Cage and takes his film studio money

Without avail The richest in the world But his leg, Elon Musk, extended his hand down Nicolas Cage Planned money from his studio. About this Tesla and SpaceX An unwavering sincerity on his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The actor wanted to build his own film studio in Las Vegas, as Cage asked the city for support. To his surprise, the Las Vegas management offered him $80 million (27.5 billion HUF), but in the end he was disappointed that the project was not completed.

Elon Musk, who is considered the richest man in the world, appeared in the photo and wanted to help the city build a battery factory in the desert for Tesla. Breaking the dreams of Nicolas Cage, the city finally invested in this idea …

Elon Musk, who earned 80 million, appeared on the stage. The amount was placed at the Tesla Battery Factory. However, I almost got the money! Suppose it is ironic that Musk destroyed the city with this

The actor told the story he had never heard before on the show.

Although Nicolas Cage has been a resident of the city for years, he has also made iconic films in Vegas such as First stop, Las Vegas or the Las Vegas, the stationHe also received an Oscar for his portrayal of the latter. And soon the city fell in love with it.

Vegas was good for me, it really was. It’s a small town and a big city at the same time, perhaps one of its most recognizable nicknames. If you want to have fun, you can do it, but if you just want to go to great restaurants with the locals, you also have the option.

thought cage.

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(Cover Photo: Elon Musk May 27, 2020. Photo: Saul Martinez/Getty Images)

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