Laura Kserps wears a sexy bikini: they exist for her feminine forms in Instan - a Hungarian star

Laura Kserps wears a sexy bikini: they exist for her feminine forms in Instan – a Hungarian star

Laura Serpes In the spring of 2012, the country recognized him as the semi-finalist of the sixth season of Megastar. To this day, she mainly works as a singer, but we also saw her in the series Age-Aged Love and The Godfather – in the latter she plays a sexy secretary.

Many on Instagram praised the real photos of the 32-year-old wearing a sexy metallic bikini.

Laura Krebs in a bikini

Many people have written that it is so good to see a classic female body. “Okay, finally, ‘Body Image’!!! You’re beautiful and your body is pounding. Don’t be ashamed of this!!!”

In the spring of 2019, the singer said that she went through many lifestyle changes and was finally able to find the right way. At that time, he first spoke of the fact that about five years ago it was revealed that he suffers from hypothyroidism: because of this, if he eats little, he puts on weight. For this reason alone, it was important to develop a proper diet and exercise regularly.

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When the weather is fine, he moves outdoors with a treadmill in the cold. He danced competitively as a teenager, in 2019 because of a clip, dancing has become a part of his life again, and he’s been going to dance lessons ever since, burning a lot of calories with it. He eats healthily, eats a lot of fruits and fish, and avoids sugar and flour for a long time.

Fluid intake is also very important because everything is visible on our skin. I work the basics for my skin, wear wraps, and treat my skin with serums, but I don’t overdo it. Women are beautiful when they are natural. I am not in favor of any intervention, I think less is more.

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“I love foreign actresses who deal with their age and don’t make a drastic intervention. Wrinkles can be beautiful, they indicate our age. For me, my mom is the most beautiful woman in the world, even when she gets older, I don’t see her.” nlc.huIn April 2021.

Gaspard Evelyn in a bikini

The 27-year-old returned home from Dominica in late May with other riders from Survivor, getting lighter at a survival show. On the beach, several photos were taken of him in a swimsuit, and at home he also put on a bikini. He said he was able to accept his body now.

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