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Index – FOMO – Anne Hathaway shouldn’t be at the top anymore, but she can’t be stopped

Index – FOMO – Anne Hathaway shouldn’t be at the top anymore, but she can’t be stopped

The actress does not show it at all, but she is already 41 years old, and since she started acting at a young age, she can boast of a respectable filmography. However, success was not available to everyone, especially after a certain age. In Hollywood, according to rumors, there are not many opportunities for women over 35 years old, especially if they have already succeeded in emerging as a teen star.

Hathaway confirmed the same in an interview.

When I started working as a kid, I was warned that my career would collapse when I was 35

The actress recently told Porter magazine. But fortunately, she adds, the world has changed since then, and an increasing number of women are continuing their careers successfully even after the intervening era. Of course, he says, there is no need to celebrate so much, it is normal, but we can be proud of it, but there are still many things that need to be improved.

Hathaway’s career exploded in 2001 Naughty princess With his cheeky teen role, then came the classic fantasy, that Damn Ella And blockbuster movies like Beyond friendship, Satan wears a cloak. Actress as In variety We can read, he also loves his profession because he becomes a part of people’s lives through his films and can even comfort them through his photography.

Hathaway last time this year She came to me Critics praised his performance in the film, and in December the independent film, which has already successfully screened at the Sundance Film Festival, will be screened. Eileen Psychodrama. So, after 41 years here or there, Hathaway is moving forward, no matter her age.