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Index – Economy – The Central Bank issued a statement regarding the opposition between Viktor Orbán and György Matolksi

Index – Economy – The Central Bank issued a statement regarding the opposition between Viktor Orbán and György Matolksi

“Contrary to false rumours, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Central Bank Governor Gyorgy Matulsi enjoy a fair working relationship with each other and, as in previous years, continue to consult regularly on professional issues,” the multinational national bank wrote in its statement, which read: It refutes previous assumptions about the deterioration of the relationship between the central bank governor and the prime minister.

By now, the conflict between Viktor Orbán, his government, and Central Bank Governor György Matulsi has become so intense that communications between the two parties have also been cut off.

Bloomberg claimed earlier.

György Matulsi previously stated that he personally spoke with Viktor Orbán about National Economy Minister Marton Nagy when he was still head of the portfolio, and deputy head of the Central Bank, “We had to remove Marton Nagy from the Central Bank because, as I said, he said at the end of February at the BÉT Legek conference , where he made many professional criticisms: “The Prime Minister made major professional mistakes, and his management style was unacceptable.”

Marton Nagy replied that “between 2013 and 2020 it was György Matolcsi, and now my manager is different. Thank God!” In addition, he has also responded to professional criticism. The Governor of the Central Bank also stressed that, in his opinion, the government's latest draft (amending the Central Bank Law initiated by the Ministry of Finance) represents a major attack on the independence of the National Bank of Hungary.

On the same day, Viktor Orban issued a brief statement in which he affirmed that he respects the sanctity and inviolability of the Central Bank. On the other hand, Bloomberg reported that the relationship between the central bank and the government is so bad that meaningful communication between them has already been cut off. It is interesting that the news agency In his article He wrote about Viktor Orbán's struggle (not Marton Nagy).

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On Sunday, European Parliament representative István Ojeli discussed the relationship between Viktor Orbán and György Matolksi, and did not portray it in an entirely favorable light. “It doesn't bother me when young people from Fidesz slap each other and use sarcastic phrases to scheme at each other in public. It doesn't bother me even if they don't do all this within the four walls, but – since they clearly don't do it there – it is difficult for me to bear the fact They are now causing tangible damage to the Hungarian economy and through it the Hungarian people,” Ojeleye began his open letter.

MNB: Fake news and wrong conclusions were spread

“In recent days, global news agency Bloomberg and Socialist MEP István Ojehly published fake news and wrong conclusions about Hungary, the Hungarian National Bank and the relationship between the Prime Minister and the Central Bank Governor,” the central bank said. The bank said in its statement on Monday. Added:

Magyar Nemzeti Bank draws the attention of relevant media organizations and party politicians to refrain from publishing information containing false conclusions and incorrect data in order to maintain confidence in the domestic financial system and provide readers with objective information.

(Cover image: Viktor Orbán and Gyorgy Matolksi. Photo: Petr Babajczyk/Index, Szilard Kosztycak/MTI)