Hogyan fúrta meg Andretti F1-es debütálását a Ferrari?

How did Ferrari train for Andretti’s debut in Formula One? –

For readers returning from USAracing, the blog’s passion for enclosures surrounding the sport no longer weighs in on the strength of regeneration.

The craft of professional sports, dominated by the business-oriented and profit-oriented theater, could not find a better place to produce conspiracy theories.

In this world dominated by billions of euros and dollars, more or less grounded theories are being born day after day, or at least season after season, some of which have been around for decades.

The streak could run indefinitely from the 2007 NFL New England Patriots spying scandal through Muhammad Ali’s fictitious 1964 home to Ronaldo’s role in Brazil’s defeat against France at the 1998 World Cup, and will merit the many large and anomalous inconsistencies surrounding the draw in separate collegiate tournaments. .

Conspiracy theories don’t eschew motorsports either (but to what extent do you avoid them), so much so that one of the most intriguing theories is the first, Questions the end result of the 1911 Indianapolis 500.

A separate piece of motor racing-related containers is represented by the break-up of the US Open Wheel division in 1996, along with rumors surrounding the formation of the Indy Racing League. One of the most popular of these theories is the legendary Bernie Ecclestone, who is said to have played an active role in the container business. the IndyCar is also in the midst of its international aspirations in the 1980s and 1990s.

However, there are some great stories from earlier times, such as the status of future world champion, Indianapolis 500 winner and USAC/CART champion legend, Mario Andretti, who missed his Formula One debut due to private reasons.

In 1968, in addition to the name Andretti, he had already entered two places in the first place in the Indianapolis 500, won the NASCAR Daytona 500, and also won two titles in the USA.

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The Italian-born American racer first entered the 1965 Indy 500 with F1 Lotus team owner Colin Chapmann, who reminded him that if he felt he was ready, it would give him a chance to present himself to the World Cup. That moment finally came three years later, on the ninth leg of the season at Monza.

Mario Andretti (Scuderia Ferrari) – 1971 / Monaco

In addition to Andretti at the Italian Grand Prix, he was another rider from the United States to make his debut in the person of Bobby Unser, who won the first Indianapolis 500 of his career this year (two more later).

However, they had one thing in common, and that was that they both wanted to compete in the USAC race at the Hoosiers 100 in Indianapolis that same weekend.

On Friday, Unser and Andretti did a great job for them in an entirely new environment, quickly letting the field know they were absolute recruits.

The two pilots plan to return to the United States on Saturday, operate the Hoosier 100 and then head to Monza again.

However, the Italian Grand Prix organizers did not want to hear this, saying that the rules clearly state that during the twenty-four hours leading up to the race, pilots cannot compete in any other race. Then Andretti and Onser packed up and didn’t stop until Indianapolis, and the Formula 1 race started without them.

So far, the official explanation still stands, but the story is much more complicated than that.

Although the rules theoretically apply equally to everyone, Andretti – taking advantage of her Italian ancestry and really dictating her resume – was able to convince the authorities to get an exemption from the twenty-four-hour rule.

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However, Andretti made a mistake: for the first time, he proved faster than Chris Amon, the Scuderia Ferrari’s New Zealand driver who has been in Formula 1 from the start and is still in a prime position.

“The Italian Grand Prix officials promised me to ditch the 24-hour rule, but Ferrari stepped in.” Andretti recalled in a 2007 interview with the Associated Press.

“Two weeks ago I tested a Formula 1 car for the first time at Monza, I was faster than Amon, and then came back with him with a better time on Friday than the race weekend.”

Mario Andretti and Colin Chapman 1968-Pan, Watkins Glenn

Ferrari had its eye on the fact that the front racer’s car rudder had to stare at the rear wing, which is why the fold began to publicly protest, in all its influence, against Andretti in Formula 1 as well as the US wrap. Get permission to get started.

“When I first sat in Lotus at Monza, I knew I was designed to be a Formula One driver.” Andretti said.

“But I had a problem, I had already committed to the US, Hoosier 100, which was Saturday of the Italian Grand Prix weekend. I knew I would be able to participate in both races, as I even got a personal exemption from the twenty-four rule An hour of Italian officials.Friday my time was good practice for seventh on the grid.At two in the afternoon, I took a helicopter to Milan airport, from there I flew to New York, then arrived in Indianapolis on a private plane.I finished second in Hoosier , and straight after that I flew to Boston and from there straight back to Europe. The grand prix organizers promised to provide me with a helicopter at the airport to take me to the runway. However, when I arrived, only a lone mechanic was waiting for me with a Mini Minor! Something was very wrong. I still I don’t know exactly what happened that day, but I tend to think that it was all because of Ferrari’s protest, they had their hand in it. They alone didn’t want me to run in the race. And when the officials who promised to race slowly began to absorb without a trace, he realized You quickly say the game is over.”

However, his start at the US Grand Prix could no longer be made impossible, and Andretti responded to what happened a month ago with a quick response by taking center stage.

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However, the race ended prematurely for him due to clutch issues, as did Unser, who also participated and had to give up the first – and eventually – F1 race of his life due to an engine failure.

In 1971, Andretti finally signed with Scuderia Ferrari, ironically winning his first race in the team’s colors in South Africa, which was also the first victory of his Formula One career.

However, his relationship with the barn did not prove to be long-term, and after a total of ten officially registered jackpots, they invited each other at the end of 1972.

However, the saying that the “paths of fate are inexhaustible” was confirmed again, ten years later, in 1982, when they were brought together again by fate, as Mario Andretti completed the last two Formula 1 races of his career behind the wheel. Ferrari.

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