Index - Economy - New government securities appear that track inflation

Index – Economy – New government securities appear that track inflation

The National Debt Management Center announced the previous series, which can be purchased by March 6 at the latest, at an interest rate premium of 1.5 percent, and its interest for the first interest period due to inflation is 5.1 percent in 2021. 6.6 percent each year.

The new series, which launched from March 7, A PMÁP 2028 / I The interest rate premium will be 1.5 percent, similar to the previous series, i.e. due to inflation of 5.1 percent in 2021, and it will bear an annual interest rate of 6.6 percent in the first interest period. He pays interest on February 23 each year, so the interest payable on February 23, 2023 is 6.36 percent, as there will be less than a year left until the interest round.

Currently, this is the highest interest rate option in Hungarian forint-free investments, so those who do not want to expose their money to foreign exchange risk can invest in premium Hungarian government securities.

Premium Hungarian Euro government securities 2028 / h Even better, despite the series’ recently published predecessor (2027 / s) at a much lower interest rate.

(Cover Photo:
Hungarian Treasury Building
April 24, 2021. Photo:
Laszlo Rocca/MTI)

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