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Index – Economy – Local small businesses want to use artificial intelligence

Index – Economy – Local small businesses want to use artificial intelligence

Three-quarters of small and micro businesses want to try it, and a third would pay for a useful AI solution – Magyar Telekom found out through research targeting small and micro businesses.

Very few people, only 2% of participants, have never heard of artificial intelligence,

According to their own assessment, 56% roughly know what the term means, and 35% believe they are quite familiar with it, according to the MTI report.

It is not yet clear what exactly AI covers

At the same time, the findings also revealed that many small entrepreneurs believe that AI is any digital solution that somehow works automatically without human intervention, while in other cases they are not necessarily aware that a particular solution uses AI.

Familiarity with some AI solutions is higher among highly educated corporate managers and younger business managers under 50 years of age.

It also turns out that most people are familiar with ChatGPT, but at the same time there are also many who They could not name any specific application in this area.

There are also concerns about artificial intelligence. 69% of respondents fear that small businesses will lose their jobs due to artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, over-reliance on technology and lack of human supervision were ranked as the biggest risks.

It will be for areas that can be automated

Small entrepreneurs will primarily use AI for solutions that involve direct cost savings or increased revenue, while less frequently in direct customer relationships. According to the vast majority of respondents, repetitive and boring tasks can easily be automated with its help.

Overall, 53% of those surveyed believe that using AI-based applications will have a positive impact on their business.