Index - Economy - Lake Balaton will be toxic in August

Index – Economy – Lake Balaton will be toxic in August

High prices and saturation at Lake Balaton are expected in the summer – said Miklos Bilan, director of the tourism consultancy Everguest. In a survey conducted by TÁRKI on behalf of the company, those who participated in domestic or foreign multi-day tours were asked at least once in the past two years. According to the director

Since the opening, the strongest period on record has come for domestic tourism, and the money spent at home will also be of great help in relaunching the economy.

In the current situation, he added, one in five Hungarian travelers would like to go to Budapest to relax. Almost 20 percent of Hungarian citizens could be motivated to do the same if appropriate cultural events and programs were organized. This means that the capital can count on more than a million Hungarian local guests this year.

Tihany and Zamardi are the most popular.

This requires appropriate cooperation between professional and governmental organizations

written by Referring to the specialist, According to the expert, there will definitely be a change in prices in Budapest: hotels and restaurants will have to adapt to demand, which will be less due to the small number of foreign guests, which may lead to lower prices.

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