Here is the battery that powers our house for a week

We use more and more household gadgets and appliances on a daily basis, so possible power outages can cause serious disruptions. In response, San Francisco-based EcoFlow has created a machine that provides battery backup power, which can power all the large appliances in our home for up to a full week, he writes. Interesting geometry.

In addition, the device does not emit smoke compared to diesel or gasoline generators.

The battery is fully portable, so you can take it with you in your car, on an RV trip, or for a simple long weekend getaway. The device is based on the Delta Pro portable power station, which has many outlets and can serve up to 7200 watts of consumers.

The high-tech battery can be charged traditionally from a wall outlet or from electric vehicle fast chargers in about one and a half to two hours. In addition, a 1600W solar charging panel can also be purchased, but several devices can also be connected.

However, in return for the development we have to dig deep into our pockets: the Delta Pro starts at $ 3,499, or about HUF 1,304,000, while the kit, which can power a home for up to a week, costs $ 6,199, or approximately 2,310,000 Hungarian forint costs HUF – writes hvg. Combined with various accessories and additional batteries, this amount can be much more: one of the higher configurations costs $ 16,999, or 6,334,000 HUF.

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