Index - Culture - The special relationship between Giza Hofi and the acid house

Index – Culture – The special relationship between Giza Hofi and the acid house

Twenty-eight years later, Hungarian acid’s first album, Liquid Limbs, was originally released on vinyl, and was originally released only on pre-recorded tapes. In 1993, there were no applications yet, and the most spectacular logos did not appear on phone screens, but on seals saturated with LSD.

When the acid house was tested in Hungarian discos in the early ’90s as a result of MTV’s Party-Zone show, he immediately slammed the fuse, burning neon tubes and Kontakta’s panel-mounted sockets. In the small town apartment estates, the cool boys are no longer called Pocs, Devil-Biker or Zorro, but Cuccos, Kábsi and Reagge.

It got boring with the grunge class and candlelight too. Budapest has been surprisingly slower to react to partying than the countryside, with acid parties taking place at Debrecen at the Meteor cinema in the spring of 1992, and Liquid Limbs themselves being formed on the eighth floor of the picturesque Miskolc board, also in 1992 and then in 1993. They also show Their debut album is on Trottel Records, which features mostly punk and hardcore but is open to everything. At the time, they were already performing at the Vikings Club, where dance, which introduced dirty rock with serious partial hits, and the entire Hungarian skinhead scene.

Anyone who saw the Liquid Limbs trilogy in Viking in early 1993 will never forget the burning oil barrels in the yard, the “chemical feasts” surrounding them, the aluminum foil-wrapped disco, and the feeling that something was born here now.

Until then, Techno Art Shows favored Pecs EBM (electronic body music), performers such as Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, and there was a serious overlap with the Hungarian Depeche Mode club audience. Of course, Liquid Limbs has already performed at these parties. Then the album Prodigy Music for the Jilted Generation was released, and on MTV he played the “painstater” of boredom, and then Prodigy Pecsa finally brought the residential party culture to Hungary. By the way, the advance band was the liquid limbs, who from moment to moment no longer underground.

Hydro-Gixer’s opening song, Liquid Limbs, is still based on EBM lore, but it’s up to you, listen, friends! The second recording, which also includes the Jizza Hofi notation, brings the compulsive feeling that melts in your mind, not in your pocket. And from there, there’s no more going down the trance-effect love train.

Well-designed materials of international standards were born from the first moment, cleverly utilizing the characteristics of the genre, although the boys (Robert Bata, alias Sotta, Zsolt Paris, Gabor Boday) worked with the C-Lab dispatcher on the 64th Commodore. It could be something like when high school bands tried to lure rock and roll from train stations and toilet guitars stolen from train stations in the 1960s.

In 1993 everyone unexpectedly saw the cassette release, yet it was a moment of bliss, and it could still have been a movement, but then residential tech of injection-molded fly goggles, Buffalo shoes and a plastic jacket from MÁV cranes entered the park gate.

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The band, which uses a lot of samples and musical memes, has been a particularly colorful spot for Hungarian pop, they boldly borrowed Hovey from the Dallas series, Delta Julia Kudlick, but there’s also a rhyme “Spice delicacy to my right, I heard that cheap goats” what we could hear In a youth film directed by Istvan Chukas, but in fact improvised by the boys.

Fortunately, Hydro-Gixer has kept his masterpiece of the four-band tape recorder, which has now been given some dynamism, and has been tweaked to its sound as well, so there’s no need to tease the whiskey poured into Red Bull with the stem of silver flying glasses. This is how you hit the material.

Questioning Parties:Hydro-Gixer lollipop records,No. 10, 42 minutes

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