Index - Culture - The genius who kissed the announcer on the lips at the end of the interview

Index – Culture – The genius who kissed the announcer on the lips at the end of the interview

A lot of things have been said about him, a lot of people have said this, and everyone probably spoke honestly when they talked about him. Academy Award winning actress Barbra Streisand, for example He was a fan of hers, and more than that, he was one of them in his interview She also admitted that she was in love with him, and although Brando once invited her to see the desert together, it seemed clear that the actor wanted more than just visiting dollars, so the actress did not travel, so there was never anything between them that was more than friendship.

Marlon Brando’s talent was recognized at a very young age, and critics and contemporaries always reported essential strength and profound experience when they saw him in one of his roles, or They played with him. They knew he was a tough person, but also when it came to acting, he always took it very seriously.

He had a masculine idea of ​​his time, he loved women and he loved men too, and his judgment was also influenced by the fact that Last Tango in Paris It turned out later that one of his scenes was very realistic, and it may be, not by chance. However, this is not the reason why Marlon Brando does not want to appear on the front page of newspapers. He enjoyed when the newspapers wrote about his successes, but he himself often avoided interviews, more often than not he avoided invitations. He even sang with legendary CNN host Larry King, and at the end of the interview, they kissed each other on the lips.

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(Cover Photo: Marlon Brando and Larry King on October 7, 1994. Photo: Joanne Adelin/Getty Images)

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