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Index – Culture – The family line did not play a role, professional conflicts led to separation

Index – Culture – The family line did not play a role, professional conflicts led to separation

More than three decades ago, thirty-one years ago, Anima Sound System was launched, and we had to wait a long time for the first solo album of one of the founders, Szabolcs Prieger. When this material appeared on the Internet, Anima came out with her album Derkovitsalbum, but without Szabolcs. He left the parent band, but at the same time created the AnimaSongS formation. Evoking the first era of Anima Sound System, the band will present itself on Friday, May 24, 2024 in the main square of Szombathely.

A confluence of coincidences

the password The solo album was not produced in a pre-planned manner. Szapolčić believed, and still believes, in collaboration, community, and ensemble, but in the more than three decades that have passed, many of his compositions have remained in the drawer, never developed. Anima sound system. One would think that Szabolcs Prieger would have dusted off these drawings by now. But let's hear just how and how their fate turned out.

Last year, Anima Sound System celebrated its 30th birthday, and Szabolcs felt it was time to show itself: “It's as if Prieger Szabi doesn't just write the songs, he also writes the lyrics and sings them.”

Zsófia Korponay, whom Szabolcs mentions in the video, is a jazz singer, singing teacher and actress at the Sándor Weöres Theater in Szombathely, and she is also a graphic designer and book illustrator.

New songs, not leftovers

The disc does not contain deleted tracks, but rather new songs. Around September and October, Szabolcs wrote dozens of new ones to make Solo album with co-producer György Varga. The graphics were played on guitar and keyboard. How does acoustic guitar music turn into electric sound?

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And so it went in Anima as well..

When the songs were written – it happened on guitar or keyboard – Szabolcs actually heard the final result inside.

Author CD with his own lyrics

Although he is the main author of Anima's lyrics Praeger's PsalmIn the beginning, just like music, words were created through joint action.

Szabolcs does not consider himself a lyricist, but he did ask to profit as a co-composer, with the lyrics being just like him as well as the music. His modus operandi is the classic Hungarian solution: he writes numbers in meaningless songs, and the lyrics are made of that.

Division and family disintegration

Since Szabolcs' brother, Zsolt, is a member of Anima Sound System, his breakup was also a family event. But family ties did not play a role in the departure of the guitarist, his decision was made due to professional conflicts. This is how he talks about it.

Old songs for a new time

AnimaSongS features the first four discs of the Anima Sound System (Anima001, Shalom, Hungarian Astronaut, Anima) Play live. In this era of the band, they reworked many popular songs, and Zylvia Bonar sang with them. And he probably wasn't in a rush to announce that they were the leading underground pop group at the time. Later, Anima, mainly due to Zsolt Prieger's unstoppable creativity, always took new and fresh paths, soregularly Critical hits were excluded from their concert programme.

Since we are talking about a group that uses a lot of synthesizers, the sound of tracks from twenty-five to thirty years ago is related to the technology of that time, a technology that has changed a lot today, and even more so it changes every day. Today, so reconstructing the original sound is not that easy. This is what Dennis Zylvester is talking about.

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disk here can hear.