Index - Culture - MSc Spy Fiction Acquires Irish Citizenship due to Brexit

Index – Culture – MSc Spy Fiction Acquires Irish Citizenship due to Brexit

John Le Carré, the famous British spy novelist who passed away last year, was so disappointed by the vote for Britain’s secession with the European Union that he acquired Irish citizenship shortly before his death.

David Cornwell, known worldwide as John Le Carré, discovered his Irish roots and acquired Irish citizenship before he was 89 years old. Died His son said.

Nicholas Cornwell told the BBC that disappointment with modern Britain in particular, and Brexit in particular, led to an application for Irish citizenship.

The author likened Brexit to the Suez Crisis of 1956, which confirmed the loss of global power in post-imperial Britain.

Undoubtedly, this is the biggest disaster and the greatest folly that Britain has committed since the occupation of Suez. Nobody bears responsibility, only the British, not the Irish, not the Europeans

Earlier he expressed Brexit.

Born in 1931, John Le Curry was not only associated with the Secret Services through his novels, but also worked on British countermeasures (MI5) and intelligence (MI6).

As an agent for MI6, he worked as a diplomat in Bonn and Hamburg in the early 1960s and began his literary career under the pseudonym John Le Carré during his tenure in Bonn. His first novel, Call for the Dead, was published in 1961.

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