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Index – Culture – János Czernak's dubbing scandal continues, and Gyozo Mihalyi was also beaten

Index – Culture – János Czernak's dubbing scandal continues, and Gyozo Mihalyi was also beaten

As we reported in Index, János Cernak spoke out in an open letter against how little they pay him for dubbing work, and furthermore, after trying to negotiate a higher salary, he was replaced from the lead role in Liam Neeson's latest film, while his member We Almost Slept Together in Recent decades with the Irish actor. He ended his post by saying, “Congratulations” to those who accepted the role that was offered to them. That “someone” turned out to be Gyösi Mihalyi (who, by the way, was a member of the stagehands’ union). [SZÍDOSZ] What's more, not only did he get the latest Liam Neeson movie, he also got the latest Richard Gere movie instead of Cernak.

Mihalyi first apologized via SMS to Cernak, who then announced Mihalyi's name, as did the union president as well. publicly reaction. At first, he explained that he did not know at all who should be dubbing, and then after he found out, even then he believed that Cernak had already done the “original” dubbing, and that this dubbing was only in production. For a smaller channel – as he writes, “it was already there.” He adds that he does not want to outdo Cernak at all, as Neeson almost became one with him, and viewers recognize the actor by his voice, but this is the situation now, and

As far as I know, the customer was informed of your request, but declined. It's his money after all… Maybe you should approach him with your excuses…

I finished this topic. He then went on to agree with Chernak, “We're underpaid!” Csernás then recommended joining the concurrent core organization

We welcome you, we need the stars, and you have proven that you are capable of fighting for what is right, and perhaps you will also stand up for others if it comes to that…

– With this, the case is considered closed.

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Not so János Czernak

Four days later, he again posted an open letter on Facebook, addressed directly to Gjos Mihalyi. According to him, the mistakes made by Mihaly as an actor should not be resolved as president of SZÍDOSZ, hiding behind the union, especially in an uneducational tone. According to Cernak, “it's hard to believe” that Mihalyi actually figured out the job right away. Additionally, Cernak failed to play not only Neeson, but also Gere

With your blessed contribution, they replaced not one, but two films in the dubbing studio, which he has been listening to ever since.

“In your private letter mentioned above – in which you apologize to me face to face – you wrote, and I quote: 'Don't be angry, but it was impossible to leave him, and they will certainly never contact me again.'

Jiuzu, this is a sentence that should never come from the mouth of a guild master who gives something of himself!

– Cernak asserts, then adds that he shouldn't learn, “because because of the moral depth that you and the studio brought to this shameful case, it wouldn't work anyway.” He then goes on to say that, in his opinion, this issue should be resolved with public participation, since then

If this continues, no one, not any of my colleagues, will be safe, but I will continue, and thus their families will not be, and Magyar Zenkron's downward spiral will continue.

Finally, Cernak concludes by saying that he refuses to join the Synchronized Core Organization, because he believes that Mihalyi missed the opportunity to “exercise self-criticism” and raise the will of the community to historic heights.

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