Index – Abroad – You can build US military installations in Norway

Norway announced in Oslo Friday that Norway will allow the United States to build military facilities at its three airports and a naval base.

The agreement organizing military cooperation between the two countries has been amended by the two parties and has already been signed. The Norwegian government has said that the US military installations will not be separated.

Norway, the founding member of NATO, stated in 1949 that it did not allow the establishment of a foreign military base or the installation and storage of nuclear weapons on its territory, but it welcomed soldiers from Western countries in the military exercises.

“The amended treaty (with the United States) regulates and facilitates the American military presence, training and maneuvers in Norway, and thus facilitates the rapid reinforcement of Norwegian forces in the event of a war crisis,” the Norwegian government said in a statement. .

“Our cooperation with our allies is constantly evolving, but our policy on foreign rules and nuclear weapons has not changed,” said Foreign Minister En Eriksen Surid, and the Norwegian parliament had not yet ratified the agreement before it entered into force.

Norway borders Russia in the Arctic Circle. Norwegian-Russian relations gradually improved after the Cold War, but the process faltered due to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. After the ingestion, the border

The military presence on the Norwegian and Russian sides intensified, and military exercises became more frequent.

Meanwhile, the two sides seek cooperation on domestic issues, such as fisheries and cross-border traffic.

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