Index – abroad – US index analyst: We must endure another 13 days with Trump

Donald Trump loves the scene as he culminates in his presidential legacy for his sad show today. We can only hope our country stands for another 13 days with this tyrant. By the will of the people, on January 20, Joe Biden will be president of America

Said Mitchell McKinney, director of the Institute for Political Communication at the University of Missouri, in its rapid assessment of the index.

Congressional approval of Biden’s presidential victory plunged into complete chaos on Wednesday after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, the US Congress. The building complex was closed and Vice President Mike Pence, Senators and Representatives were evacuated. In the index You can follow developments here; We are constantly updating our article.

McKinney, who was a frequent commentator in the US on the index during the presidential election campaign last year, added:

As a presidential candidate and president, Trump has threatened, attacked, and trampled on nearly every institution of our government and our democracy, including the judiciary, the media, and the country’s electoral system.

“And now he’s inciting hatred against our legislation, which in turn has only been trying to fulfill its constitutional obligations in something – at least for now – that has always been happening peacefully in the United States: the presidential transfer of power.”

Members of Congress gathered to approve the outcome of last year’s presidential election, in which Biden outperformed Trump with a 306: 232 ratio in the Electoral College.

As reported by the index:

After Trump, in his pre-congressional speech, set fire to his supporters and encouraged them to march to the building, asking them later to “be peaceful.”

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