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a Support for NATO members Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman Maria Zaharova told TASZSZ news agency in response to the expulsion of three Russian diplomats from Warsaw and the recruitment of Russian ambassadors in several recent “dependent” countries on US sanctions against Russia.

As we wroteUS President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he would impose financial sanctions on Russia and expel 10 Russian diplomats accused of spying from the country over cyber attacks from Moscow.

The chain reaction of NATO countries supporting US sanctions is a manifestation of the bloc’s immoral discipline, when decisions are made not on the basis of real facts but on an arrangement to express false solidarity. This isn’t a solidarity, but it isn’t even the same as a campaign. This is the follower of the twenty-first century

He said Leonid Saluki, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Parliament.

On Thursday, Poland expelled two members of the Warsaw embassy. The Polish side justified this step on the grounds that the persons concerned had violated the conditions of the diplomatic status and had engaged in harmful activities in Poland. They said Poland was in full solidarity with the decisions the United States made that day in its relations with Russia.

Leonid Saluki, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives of the Russian Parliament, said Poland is behaving like a “true subordinate” of the United States and “does not want to lag behind Big Brother Washington” in rhetoric or actions.

In Moscow, US Ambassador John Sullivan was asked to come to the State Department. There, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told him that a series of countermeasures were expected, for which Washington was responsible, and for which “contrary to its declared intention to build practical relations with Russia, it dealt another severe blow.” According to the Russian side, for many years Moscow was “very responsible in its approach to the task of maintaining bilateral relations at an acceptable level,” but successive US governments only exacerbated the situation and failed to respond to Moscow’s “positive motives.”

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The ambassador said the United States has made clear that it will protect its national interests. He indicated that US President Joe Biden, in a recent telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, “expressed his deep concern about Aggressive moves Such as the use of chemical weapons in the assassination of Alexei Navalny, the cyber attack via the solar wind, ordering assassinations against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and interference in the 2020 elections.

In response to what happened, Joe Biden said, Thursday, that the United States does not want to escalate tensions between Moscow and Washington, despite the recent sanctions imposed on it. The American President said:

The United States does not want the cycle of escalation and conflict with Russia to begin.

In a brief statement to the White House, the president made clear, “We want stable and predictable relations.” He also warned Moscow that if it continued to “interfere in American democracy,” it would be “prepared for more responses.” He stressed that the new sanctions could have been much more severe. he added:

We could have gone further, but I set it aside. I decided to give a proportional answer.

Regarding the Nord Stream-2 natural gas pipeline, Biden indicated that he had long been opposed to the project. When asked by journalists why the new sanctions do not affect the pipeline system established at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, through which Russian natural gas is transported to Germany bypassing Ukraine and Poland, he replied:

Nord Stream 2 is a complex issue because it affects our European allies.

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