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Index – abroad – nice in a gold cage

The newly released secret recordings, presumably several months ago, shared the BBC on Tuesday night. It was the first time the princess had given a sign of life since the accident three years earlier. Latifa complained about her family background in early 2018, and satisfied with her father’s rude behavior, she tried to escape from Dubai, and a video discussing her escape attempt was posted on YouTube.

In 2018, the princess said:

If you watch this video, it’s not a good thing: either I’m dead or in a very bad position.

He also reported that he tried to escape in 2002, when he was 16 years old, but was arrested at the border and then imprisoned for three years and four months (where he was physically and psychologically abused).

In 2010, he was denied basic rights, such as not being able to drive a car, not leaving Dubai, and not having a passport.

The video, which was published on Tuesday, could only be made because Latifa smuggled a smartphone to his customers. Over the past two years, thanks to the device, the princess has spoken in secret video messages about her kidnapping and detention. He revealed that his father’s villa had been converted into a prison, as Latifa was almost completely sealed from the outside world. In fact, nearly thirty police officers monitor his every move.

In the last video, he also said that he is being held in a villa that has been turned into a prison, with windows closed, guarded by police and not getting any fresh air.

Latifa, previously described by her family as happy, also admitted that she checked in from the bathroom, as it was the only room where the door could be locked.

My life is not in my hands

The woman, who was afraid she would not be released from captivity, said.

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attempt to escape

The Days also revealed how Latifa had been equipped and trained for years for the 2018 escape attempt, for which he made a plan with two of his friends. He collected £ 315,000 before escaping and then visited him French businessman / spy / naval officer Herve Joubert. In a failed business, Joubert, And the women’s martial arts instructor, Tina Jauhiainen, helped Latifa.

In March 2018, on the eighth day after sailing from a port in Dubai, gunmen equipped with tear gas off the western coast of India arrested the princess and forcibly returned them to Dubai. The woman made her way to the United States through Oman and India to apply for political asylum there.

According to a British judge, Indian soldiers carried out the raid. Latifa may have been arrested because the princess shared her whereabouts at sea when she gave the sign of life to some of her relatives. The company protested the arrest verbally and physically, so the princess was reassured.

They would have preferred to kill him immediately instead of just returning him to Dubai, “she said, desperate for help.

In December 2018, former Irish President Mary Robinson and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights traveled to Dubai to visit Latifa after the princess returned to the city. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs also later shared photos of the visit. The photos were intended to demonstrate that Latifa had received the necessary support and care and to refute the false accusations and allegations in the case. According to Robinson, the princess was being looked after by her “loving family.”

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Robinson later said that he was tricked during his visit, never asking Latifa about his circumstances, because he feared the interrogation would worsen the alleged mental state of the princess. The pictures were not taken to brag, but as evidence of life, the severity of the situation became perceived by the High Commissioner after the photos became public.

Who will be the next victim?

Latifa is not the first member of the family to flee his fate, namely the wealthy sheikh. Her sister Shamsa was “stalked” in Cambridge on her father’s instructions after she left the family’s apartment in Surrey in 2000. He was also imprisoned in Dubai, where he was transported by four Arab men.

Last year, a British family law court ruled that the 71-year-old Sheikh Mohammed had organized the abduction of both women and deprived them of their liberty.

Princess Haya’s ex-wife, Sheikh Mohammed – specifically the sixth and at the same time the youngest – fled to London in April 2019 with their two children together, where she was (also) intimidated by the sheikh.

The British subsequently accepted almost all of the woman’s allegations, including allegations that the sheikh had attempted to kidnap her with a helicopter, posted threatening poems of her online, and had guns kept in the woman’s bedroom. Come on and the sheikh have been fighting for custody of the children since then.

International developments

A human rights attorney told Euronews that the re-alert was justified by an international response. David Hay, Tina Jauhiainen’s lawyer, has long been in secret with Latif. The man had just released the recording because their relationship with the princess had been cut short for half a year. They felt it was time to post. By watching the reactions of world leaders, the videos achieved their goal (i.e. raising awareness).

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According to Haigh, the kidnappings show that human rights are violated in the UAE’s institutions and that the country has a leader who kidnaps children and women without any consequences.

This is an illegal country with good PR firms.

Rodney Dickson is an attorney Apply to the United NationsTo provide reliable information on the princess’s condition as soon as possible As a member of the United Arab Emirates, the United Nations has a direct relationship with the authorities there.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a statement on Wednesday that the government is “also concerned about the situation” and is turning to the United Nations for guidance even though the UK cannot do much for Latif.

The villa, which is used as a prison for the princesses, is located hundreds of meters from Dubai’s beach. This is strange just because thousands of tourists who want to relax and have fun pass through the “prison” in the luxury neighborhood without knowing that a tragedy occurs inside the walls of the building overlooking the beach.

(Cover Photo: Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum. Photo: Tina Jauhiainen / Wikipedia)

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