Index – abroad – most restrictions will be lifted in England

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that next week, most of the restrictions previously imposed in England to curb the epidemic will be lifted.

The Prime Minister stressed to the House of Commons in London that the decision was made thanks to an unprecedented vaccination program across Europe and that the rapid spread caused by the omicron variant appears to have peaked.

Boris Johnson said more than 90 per cent of those aged over 60 have already received a third booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine in England.

The Prime Minister also informed that from Thursday onwards, a certificate of vaccination will not be required as a condition of entry into institutions in England where government regulations require, and from that date a face mask will not be required on public transport, in secondary schools and shops.

At the moment, a criminal case can be brought against those who do not wear masks in these places, but from Thursday next year, those who do not wear masks will be exempted from the penalty. The recommendation to work from home has also been withdrawn for activities that allow remote work.

In the case of coronavirus, quarantine remains mandatory for now, but the government wants to scrap this obligation soon.

According to the latest figures from the UK Department of Health, 36.5 million people in the UK as a whole have received the three doses of the vaccine so far. That’s nearly two-thirds of the total British population, MTI said.

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