Catalog - Tech-Science - Brain surgeons and rocket scientists aren't smarter than others

Catalog – Tech-Science – Brain surgeons and rocket scientists aren’t smarter than others

Research participants conducted GBIT online through the Cognitron platform developed by Imperial College London (The Great British Intelligence TestBritish Intelligence Test), which was conducted by the BBC in cooperation with British universities advancedTo use it to check the intelligence of the population. After completing an IQ test, participants also had to answer general questions about age and gender, and specific questions about a field of science or work.

During the test, the tasks to be performed examined various aspects of cognitive abilities, including planning skills, reasoning, memory, attention, and emotional processing. The results of the engineers and surgeons involved in the research were then compared with eighteen thousand data collected from the UK population over the past two years through the platform and GBIT. The research findings have been published in The BMJ, published by the British Medical Association (BMA). Published in the study Presented in more detail.

The results showed that neurosurgeons solved the problems they encountered faster, but at the same time were slower than average at performing memory-based tasks.

The reason for this, according to the study authors, is that surgeons need problem-solving skills and feedback in their work. Neurosurgery participants also scored higher on tasks requiring semantic problem-solving, such as identifying rare words. On the other hand, aeronautical engineers have proven to be much better at performing tasks that require attention and mental manipulation, such as the spatial rotation of an object in the head. There were no outstanding results compared to the population average in terms of memory, spatial problem solving, and tasks requiring memory.

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This research was conducted in part by David Mitchell and Robert Webb in a TV drawing It was based on a sentence uttered by a missile engineer remarking of a brain surgeon bragging about his profession:

Brain surgery is a beautiful thing, but it’s not rocket science, is it?

The study authors wanted to clarify the question of whether a profession In fact intellectually superior is going? Aswin Shari, co-author of the paper to Guardiannek He said, they have succeeded in demonstrating that people have a wide range of skills, some are better at certain things than others, but essentially none of the professions involved are associated with superior intelligence.

If anyone wants to try GBIT, then by clicking here You can take the test.

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