Index - Abroad - It is rumored that Emmanuel Macron's wife gave birth to a man, just reopened

Index – Abroad – It is rumored that Emmanuel Macron’s wife gave birth to a man, just reopened

Le Monde newspaper reported that rumors about the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron are circulating in French newspapers. Brigitte Macron is expected to sue the distributors of fake news. According to an alleged “investigative” compilation published by the far-right newspaper Faits et Documents, 68-year-old Brigitte Macron was born to a man named Jean-Michel Tronio and later changed her gender and name. After this article, the information started circulating on social media as well.

Liberation has found that behind the fake news lies a bogus investigation by far-right Internet user and conspiracy theorist Natasha Ray on behalf of Faits et Documents. But the bulk of the fake news spread was the nearly four-hour interview with Natacha Rey, which was uploaded to YouTube on December 10, and reached nearly 470,000 views before it was canceled. During the fake news days, it was also a trending topic on Twitter and was covered in a number of press articles.

Le Monde expressed concern that the French election campaign would become harsh and resemble the tone of the US presidential campaign. The newspaper noted that in 2016, Hillary Clinton, the then Democratic presidential candidate, was accused of being involved in an anti-pedophile network at a Washington pizzeria, and in 2020, rumors spread about Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate. In the media because of “misconduct”. with underage girls.

Marianne magazine in Paris interviewed Tristan Mendes France, a communications specialist on extremism and extremist groups, and a teacher at the Sorbonne University who also spoke about the Americanization of French politics. He is the wife of former US President Barack Obama Example It was also rumored that Michelle Obama had given birth to a man. Le Figaro was informed that the French first lady was considering filing a lawsuit against its operators.

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