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Representatives of the AfD party discussed the idea of ​​deporting millions of immigrants with German neo-Nazis

Representatives of the AfD party discussed the idea of ​​deporting millions of immigrants with German neo-Nazis

A heated debate broke out in the German parliament on Thursday, and the issue of banning the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was even raised.

A heated debate erupted in Germany's federal parliament on Thursday after it was revealed last week that representatives of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party attended a neo-Nazi meeting where they planned to deport millions of migrants, including German citizens.

According to national polls, the AfD is currently in second place with a support rate of more than twenty percent. The far-right populist party is currently leading the way Olaf Schulz As well as the parties of the relatively unpopular centre-left government coalition led by the Chancellor.

The German newspaper Correctiv reported last week about the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the neo-Nazi identity movement and the far-right Alternative for Germany party. One of the prominent figures in the identity movement, the Austrian citizen, spoke at the meeting Martin Sellner Explain the idea of ​​deportation. They also gave the idea a name:


Following the news about the far-right festival, several massive demonstrations against the far-right have taken place in German cities in recent days. Tens of thousands of participants attended one such demonstration in Cologne on Tuesday.

We have seen German citizens debating at the kitchen table in Germany whether they should flee their country

Ignore it The situation on Thursday, according to the Associated Press, in the Federal Parliament Lars KlingbeilThe co-chair of the ruling Social Democratic Party described his fellow AfD representatives as “wolves in sheep's clothing.”

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The AfD tried to distance itself from the neo-Nazi meeting at the Bundestag plenary session, saying they had no organizational or financial ties to the event. According to them, they are not responsible for what was said there, and the AfD members present only participated in it in their personal capacity. Co-Chairman of the Alternative for Germany party, Alice Weidel However, he broke up with one of his advisors.

party leader, Bernd Baumann He complained that the main parties were “falsifying their claims”, especially regarding “reimmigration”. According to him, the AfD is now the victim of a “vicious campaign by politicians and journalists from the corrupt green left class.”

In the parliament session, the possibility of banning the AfD was raised. Yes, there is not much chance of that. Opponents of the idea say the process will be long and its success is highly uncertain. In addition, this may bring an advantage to the party, because in this case the AfD can shine in the role of victim.

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