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Index – Abroad – Hurricane Freddy has killed more than a thousand people

Index – Abroad – Hurricane Freddy has killed more than a thousand people

A special rescue team working with search dogs, as well as local police and soldiers, continues to search for possible survivors, so the missing persons can be declared dead only after the official end of the search.

According to the spokesperson’s report, rescuers and disaster management personnel still have a lot of work to do, as they are constantly working in new areas far from the outside world.

Hurricane Freddie, which has been active for an exceptionally long time, formed near the northern coast of Australia and reached the coast of Madagascar on February 21.

A few days later, Mozambique and Zimbabwe were struck: heavy rains caused severe flooding in both countries. Hurricane Freddy then circled not far from the coast and returned, greatly enhanced by steam over warm waters. Then he again hit Madagascar and Mozambique, and then Malawi.

Tens of thousands were left homeless by torrential rains, floods and landslides. 165 people lost their lives in Mozambique and 17 in Madagascar.

Cyclone Freddy has so far covered more than 8,000 km in the Indian Ocean region, thus becoming the longest and most destructive tropical storm in the southern part of Africa in recent years.

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