Messi scored in his 1,000th game, and Argentina is among the eight

Lionel Messi scored in his 1,000th match as Argentina reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

The round of 16 started on Saturday at the World Cup. Argentina played with Australia in the second match today.

The Argentine national team started the World Cup with a defeat against Saudi Arabia, but won the rest of its group matches and advanced to the top of the group. Meanwhile, Australia were one of the surprise teams in the World Cup group stage, finishing behind the French and ahead of the Danes among others.

junior teams

Argentina: E. Martínez – Molina, C. Romero, Otamendi, Acuna – De Paul, Fernández, Mac Allister – Al. Gómez, Messi, J. lvarez.
Australia: Ryan – Degenek, Souttar, Rowles, Behesh-Leckie, Mooy, Irvin, Backus – McGarry, Duke.

On paper, the Argentine-Australian last-16 seemed the most obvious, although the Australians surprised the Danes, for example. On the other hand, Argentina remains one of the favorites for the tournament, and there is clearly a quality gap between the two teams.

Lionel Messi played his 1,000th professional game and scored the only goal in the first half.

For the first half, which practically had a concrete situation: Messi his goal. The Argentine No. 10 started on the inside from the wing, then received the ball and deftly rolled it, as always, firmly at the long post. It was his ninth goal in the World Cup, but it was his first goal in the knockout stages.

Early in the second half, Argentina captain Papu Gomez was deposed, and replaced by MU defender Lisandro Martínez, meaning Scaloni didn’t necessarily aim for the second Argentine goal as soon as possible. However, he didn’t have to wait long when Matthew Ryan, the Australian goalkeeper, made a mistake during an Argentine attack. Julian Alvarez Hit, scored the second Argentine goal:

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The Australian goal wasn’t in the game and if it had been up to Graham Arnold’s side it probably wouldn’t have come, but the Australians got a good amount of poppy and in the 77th minute. Craig Goodwin Enzo Fernandez’s rebound made it beautiful:

After the goal, Australia gained momentum and could have equalized, but Argentina also had several serious chances, but no more goals were scored. But this also required a great save by Emiliano Martinez in the final moments of Garang Kowal’s shot:

So Argentina did what was required, and will play the Netherlands among the eight.

FIFA World Cup, Round of 16

Argentina and Australia 2-1

On the other day’s game:

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