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British Home Secretary Priti Patel resigned on Monday. Patel announced his decision shortly after the results of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party leadership election were announced, revealing that outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson would succeed incumbent Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as the party’s leader and prime minister. Truss is expected to form his cabinet on Tuesday after formally taking over as second prime minister. From Queen Elizabeth.

Still at Johnson’s party

Priti Patel did not give specific reasons for her departure in her long, two-page letter to Johnson, which was published on Monday evening. At the same time, he made it clear that he is a complete supporter and Boris Johnson is unchanged: in the speech, Patel speaks at length and in the greatest voice of appreciation about the work done by the British government under the outgoing prime minister.

Priti Patel – who was appointed by Boris Johnson as Home Secretary in 2019 – was previously known to be a supporter of Johnson. He was almost the only one among the highest-ranking members of the British government not to run for Conservative Party leader and prime minister, when Johnson announced his resignation on 7 July, after a series of internal political scandals and under pressure from the Conservative faction. According to consistent British media reports on Monday, the consensus within the Conservative Party has become that Liz Truss would not have asked Priti Patel to remain Home Secretary in the next government anyway.

Patel’s name is associated with the new immigration law after the end of British membership in the European Union (Brexit), which eliminated the possibility of EU citizens settling and working in Great Britain without restrictions. In his letter to Johnson on Monday, Patel indicated that he will not leave politics and will continue to represent his constituency in southeast England by retiring to the backbenches of the House of Commons in London.

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