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Index – Abroad – A fiery meteor exploded over America

Index – Abroad – A fiery meteor exploded over America

A huge, bright fireball explosion has been recorded in the United States, reports A Fox News.

The meteor lit up the sky around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. This amazing celestial phenomenon has been observed all over Colorado, and has also been seen in other parts of America.

There are many videos circulating on social media that show the meteor flashing brightly and then breaking into smaller pieces before disappearing into the sky.

According to NASA, fireballs and meteor fragments are meteorites that are exceptionally bright and dazzling enough to be visible over a wide area. Because of their size, they usually burn up entirely in the Earth’s atmosphere.

They may have found the world’s first known terrestrial meteorite

As we wrote, a piece of stone measuring 64 dikas found in the Sahara Desert could be the first known “terrestrial meteorite” in the world, that is, the first rock that left the surface of the planet into space and then returned later due to gravity.

The mysterious stone named Northwest Africa 13188 was purchased from Morocco by Albert Gambon, emeritus professor at the Sorbonne University in France, in 2018 at an international boulder auction. The seller got the stone from the desert nomads, so he doesn’t know exactly where to find it.

The specialist concluded that the stone could have left Earth at least ten thousand years ago as a result of an asteroid collision, then spent thousands of years in space before falling back again.