In the video, a Canadian Air Force acrobatic plane crashes

In the video, a Canadian Air Force acrobatic plane crashes

According to MTI News, one of the Canadian Air Force’s aerobatic convoy named Snowbird crashed in British Columbia, Canada on Sunday, according to the Ottawa Department of Defense.

According to the Royal Canadian Air Force, the plane landed in a populated area. According to the Ministry of Defense, one of the Snowbird Squadron lost his life while another was lightly injured.

A video posted on Twitter Sunday morning shows two Snowbird Squadron planes taking off from a base in Kamloops. Then one would rise high, turn over, and hit the ground. The photo shows a man who jumped out of the plane.

Snowbird Squad has launched a parade to save Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic. The convoy also lost a plane at an exhibition in Georgia, the United States, last October. Then the pilot managed to eject and survived the accident with minor injuries.

Featured image: Twitter

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