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In fact, we had to compete with ourselves – L.

In fact, we had to compete with ourselves - L.

On Sunday, the Hungarian national team concluded its most successful world tournament ever in Dordrecht: the Leo brothers were enriched with seven medals.

According to Liu Shaolin Alexander (foreground), after a difficult period, he and his brother, Shuang, were moved by his heart also at the World Cup (Photo: Imago Images)


They were twice infected with the Coronavirus, and were forced to stop for weeks, after which the January European Championships did not go to Gdansk as many expected. Put your hands on their hearts: Was this Dordrecht success story on the set?

Liu Shaolin Sandor: If you have already mentioned our hearts, it is our hearts that propelled us forward in this World Cup. We had a very hard time – strange because we thought it would be the easiest season of our lives, saying that there are no races, we can only focus on preparing and preparing for the Beijing Olympics with the power of steam. Then it was the lack of races and of course the Coronavirus that made our season the toughest this year, but I think in the end we pulled ourselves together with Ado and were good at Dordrecht: We passed the most successful World Championship.

Liu Shawang: Even in the days leading up to the World Cup, I was very tired, the training did not go as well as it should be, and fortunately I managed to move quickly on the ice in Dordrecht a few times, so we got used to the start, so we somehow got together.

But none of the five hundred and five finalists did well, and Shaolin had no luck in the five hundred semi-finals, as ice broke out underneath – how do we get up from here, especially to take the gold and silver medals in the complex event at the end?

LS: I absorbed myself a lot in the 500 final, and it helped a lot that Shaolin helped me from the other side of the backboard. I think after my victory, our respective minds clicked, and we changed our mindset, and our attitude, even more, because we realized we could go for the complex priority too.

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LSS: Yes, Adam’s five hundred victory really changed a lot, and I was very happy to be the world champ. But at the same time, I was so exhausted to be out of the lead in the five hundred semifinals, but I had to pull myself together. I have proven my ability to do this many times, because last year, for example, I landed at the European Championships in Debrecen in the 1,500 finals, and won five hundred after a short while. It gave me strength, but I also had the feeling that I was no longer interested in the results, I just wanted to finally feel good on the ice. In the end, that editing helped too, and somehow it all turned around: the mechanism started.

Noun: Liu Shaolin Alexander
Boy: November 20, 1995, Budapest
The club: FTC
Trainers: Ákos Bánhidi, Csang Csing Lina
Best results: Olympic champion (relay, 2018), two-time world champion (500m, 2016; 1000m, 2021), 5x World Cup-2. (500m, relay, 2015; aggregator, 2018; aggregator, relay, 2021), 2x World Cup. (Composite, 2016; Relay, 2017), 6x European Champion (1000m, 2017; 1500m, Composite, Relay, 2019; 500m, 1000m; 2020), 8x Eb-2. (Relay, 2015; 1000m, 1500m, Composite, Relay, 2016; Composite, 2017; 500m, 2019; Composite, 2020), 2x Eb-3. (Bill, 2013; Bill, 2018)

Noun: Liu Shauang
Boy: March 13, 1998, Budapest
The club: FTC
Trainers: Ákos Bánhidi, Csang Csing Lina
Best results: Olympic champion (relay, 2018), two-time world champion (500m, compound, 2021), 5x World Cup-2. (Relay, 2015; 1500m, 2016; 1000m, 2017; 1000m, relay, 2021), 2x World Cup. (500m, 2016; relay, 2017), 4x European champion (500m, relay, 2019; 1500m, boat, 2020), 8x Eb-2. (Gearbox, 2015; Gearbox, 2016; 1000m, 1500m, 2017; 1500m, composite, 2019; 500m, 1000m, 2020), Eb-3. (Gearbox, 2018)

The thousand-meter race, that is, the fact that they finished first and second places, slowly became their trademark. Is this also the goal?

LSS:We’re excited to be together on ice as much as possible. Many might think we discussed the race up front, but it just wasn’t: We’re telling each other now that we’re going to go on the ice and do it. Then I saw Ádó take action, he passed me over, and I felt like him too. Our goal is to have as many of these positions as possible, this way we can give each other more momentum.

LS:No matter what race we are talking about, be it the Olympics, the World Cup or just a European tournament, our goal is always to sit on the podium.

They stood there in Dordrecht, and there is no need to explain the titles and medals of world titles. But let us be a little aware of just how strong this competition is. We know that China, South Korea, Japan and Britain were missing from VEBA.

LS:It is undeniable that China and South Korea are among the determinants of sport, as is Canada, and this country has been represented by a veil, and moreover, many Olympic, world and European champions have entered the ice anyway, so I don’t. I don’t think I would have necessarily affected the bottom line if the absentees had also been there in Dordrecht, plus we don’t even know what they looked like, because they weren’t competing all year long.

LSS:I know that many have also questioned the World Cup itself, with many saying it is, in fact, a European Championship with Canada and the USA. But after the race, I already said that in Dordrecht we had actually to compete with ourselves, we had to beat ourselves up after these difficult months: we simply had to put together the rest of the period mentally, and so we had to overcome that many excellent ages. Whoever knows sport also knows full well that, for example, the 1000m quarter-finals were not easy for any of us – I almost bled there …

LS:Mine reached the European Championship final.

For the first time in their career, the “little” boy overtook him and soon won the title.

LSS:Somehow we are also processing this.

Where else?

LSS:The individual Olympic tournament title is still missing from our collection.

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LS:And we weren’t even world champions in the relay. I was saying three years ago that I want this gold too, someday they’ll come together. Anyway, he’s always awake.

The Ordinary Runner is slowly becoming a trademark – no matter the distance (Image: Getty Images)
“I thought I screwed up.”
The men’s 3000m Super Final at the World Championships in Dordrecht brought a sensation – a number in which not medals are awarded, but points, and what is more, sub-points can be won. In racing, only the top eight teams in the composite race can step on the ice, and it’s often the last odd number of global competitions to upset the standings so far.
“Our tactic was to get Adam to win the complex world title, and I won the silver, and he didn’t even suggest I could win – betrayal Liu Shaolin Alexander. “We knew who to look for, and our coach, Lina, kept explaining to us, but we could hardly hear anything from him because of the mask. They had said so many times before that he had taken off his mask so much that he no longer dared to take the risk, and I could barely stand on my own feet. , Even though someone started out and I had to go with him. And as it turns out, there were two … I reached the finish line knowing I won – I was third instead. I got scared. I thought I messed up and it wasn’t gold and silver. Our king. I cheated on the ice, sliding towards Lena, sliding towards the Dutch coach, to see the final result, all I could think of was if I really screwed it up. “
And what did the younger Leo do while his brother was on the ice trying to figure out the end result of the complex race?
“I got off the field, what else could I do on the ice? It was just enough to skate three thousand meters” – He said with a smile Liu Shauang.But we could also have written that he said with a smile, the first complex world champion in short track speed skating.

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