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“I'm not defending you! – That's what you're doing!” – Lajos Fajto and Steve Hajdu were nervous about Vidnyanski

“I'm not defending you! – That's what you're doing!”  – Lajos Fajto and Steve Hajdu were nervous about Vidnyanski

The topic was the incident at the National.

Unforgettable public events for 2023 discussion the breakfast In his studio, among others Fajto Louis And Come here Steve With his participation. Of course, the theater incident was discussed at the National Theater, and during it Saxon Julia And Otto Lajos Horvath the Romeo and Juliet While performing, they fell from a height of approximately three meters and sustained serious injuries to their limbs.

An internal investigation was conducted into the case, which has since been completed: the committee, composed of eight employees of Nemziti, held that no one was responsible for individual liability, so Vednyansky AttilaThe director of the institution withdrew his resignation.

Vagto finds all this unacceptable:

I find it unacceptable that the manager involved would appoint participants in the internal investigation. I wonder what happened? During the investigation, it was found that no one was responsible. This is embarrassing and unacceptable to me. I don't know how many people would have to die to be responsible.

Hajdu replied that theater was a dangerous business, and this could not be the only similar case, but he did not want to protect Vidnyányszky.

This is what you do

-Fajto said. Steve Hajdu disagreed with the statements:

But Lagos, do you know what to do now? They will not look for someone responsible, they will close the theaters, for example. Because they say that's the only problem, Lagos also fails at breakfast. This is the easiest.

newly Dorothy is polite He also talked about this case in an interview:

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