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I wish | Is Counter-Strike 2 stuttering or lagging?

I wish |  Is Counter-Strike 2 stuttering or lagging?

Since the Counter-Strike 2 game engine was changed, almost every day there is some kind of cheat or discovery that can help users solve their problems.

01.23.2024 – After long years of waiting, Counter Strike was renewed at the end of September 2023. The novelty, simply called Counter-Strike 2, promised many improvements, but the most radical, by definition, was the replacement of the game engine. And also source 2 Inside In the pipeline, as of 2015, it can also be flashed into Dota 2, as it also powers Half Life: Alyx. Players can be sure of one thing. In the first period, those with weaker devices will certainly suffer from the change, but later everyone will benefit from it.

Shader Cache – This should be cleared

Source 2 uses the available resources in a completely different way. While in the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you only had to pay attention to the power of the processor, the new version requires serious power from the graphics card as well. However, thanks to this, in most cases, players can get smoother frames when everything comes together. However, this is not the experience of many. Counter-Strike 2 has also crashed on expensive PCs, despite the high-end hardware, and it appears that one of the reasons for this may be the Shader Cache, deleting which can fix some issues.

Try this if you're having trouble with Counter-Strike 2

By the way, the solution is not only good for Counter-Strike 2, you can also try it for other games:

  • Under System / System > Drive / Storage > Temporary Files / Temporary Files, find and select the DirectX Shader Cache option, then delete it using Windows
  • For an Nvidia card, enter the following path into the Windows Explorer address bar: “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\NVIDIA\PerDriverVersion\”
  • Delete the files in the DXCache folder
  • For AMD, you need to enter the path “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\AMD” in the address bar of Windows Explorer
  • Here you also need to delete the DxCache folder
  • Restart your computer

The solution goes back several years, but it looks like it can also be used in Counter-Strike 2. Definitely worth a try.

This is how much Valve made with Counter-Strike boxes in 2023 – brutal!

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