I hope to be Britain’s next world champion!

Almost unbelievable, but already by 2022 Lewis Hamilton It will be her tenth season at Mercedes. The seven-time world champion replaced another seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher, with the team in 2013, winning six singles world championship titles to date.

Although Hamilton has already achieved almost everything in Formula 1, the 36-year-old is not yet working on the idea of ​​relegating.

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“Some of my close friends and colleagues recently wrote me a letter saying that 2,000 people at Mercedes inspire me. I thought that if I could influence a lot of people in ten years, I would still deserve to be here,” Hamilton said in a BBC interview. Good”.

Seven times world champion next year George Russell He will receive a new colleague from Mercedes in person. For the first time, Hamilton finds himself in a situation where, on the other side of the garage, a much smaller racer is trying to outdo him.

“Your goal will be to be fast and win. We are at different stages in our career and I wholeheartedly support it. There will be a time when I will not play the sport anymore and I want him to be the next world champion for Britain.”

Hamilton knows exactly where Russell will be next year: when he started as a rookie in 2007 McLaren Become a contender, two-time world champion and defending champion Fernando Alonso He had to stand by him.

“I remember when I became Alonso’s teammate in 2007. Of course, I wanted to beat him in the first race, and I expect George to come in with that position as well. After all, how else would you want to be a winner?” he said of his teammate next year.

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