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Hungary and Debrecen an excellent place to invest according to a US diplomat – video – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

Hungary and Debrecen an excellent place to invest according to a US diplomat - video - Debrecen news, Debrecen news |  Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

According to the American diplomat, Hungary and Debrecen are excellent places for investment – video

The relations between the US and Hungarian economies are strong, and Hungary is a key place for companies, said Mark Dillard, who spoke about the climate crisis and China, among others, Debrecen.

Mark Dillard, Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy, ​​visited Debrecen and spoke about economics and climate protection issues on Debrecen TV’s Public Affairs Program.

The diplomat visited the Anglo-American Institute at the University of Debrecen, met with the mayor, visited Atomki, where they discussed research cooperation, including in the field of climate science.

Photo: Facebook / László Papp

Mark Dillard explained that the most important conversations were about trade cooperation, the current political situation, and US-Hungarian relations, to which Debrecen may be a party. In addition, the writer had time to see the US speed skating team at the World Cup in Debrecen.

Climate change requires global cooperation

The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 recently concluded with the United States and China pledging to work together to slow climate change. The diplomat highlighted the priority of Biden’s leadership on climate change. Since the election of the president, one of the goals of the United States has been to join the Paris climate agreement.

– We think this is important for the whole world. This joint statement, signed by the two countries, demonstrates the seriousness and urgency of this issue. Mark Dillard said that a few days ago, President Chen Cheng and President Biden attended a summit to discuss climate change, among other things.

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He added that the United States and China have a developed relationship, two countries that play an important role in the world.

“Not only do we have to compete with each other, we have to work together.” We know that there will be no solution to climate change if the countries of the world do not work together

The writer noted.

He explained that the United States is trying to take the lead in pushing its contribution and has set ambitious goals, such as reducing its economic emissions to nearly zero by 2050.

Because this is a long-term challenge, we also need to think about how we develop new technologies and how to get people involved in these programmes. The diplomat explained that as part of COP26, the United States supports American companies that invest in new technologies, advocates for a sustainable ocean economy and is trying to help with a number of other issues.


The countries of the Earth also differ in size, level of development, economy and place on the map, so that they can all contribute to this world order in different ways.

Mark Dillard calls for transparency in Chinese business

Mark Dillard recently spoke at a forum about US concern about the lack of transparency in deals in which China is also involved. About this, the official said that China is seen as a major player globally, has a large economy, is well-developed and is well-integrated into the global supply chain.

China cooperates differently with different countries of the world. If there is an investment with a normal supply chain based only on trade, it has been handled by China according to the rules agreed upon for the past seven years. These seven years were the most peaceful and prosperous period. Mark Dillard said there are many benefits to this system, but there is a portion that is not in line with international rules.

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The diplomat cited the example of Montenegro, where China granted a $1 billion loan to the Montenegrin government, building a road that was unable to function. So, now Montenegro has a financial burden that it cannot afford after a project that does not serve its interests. He drew attention to the fact that Hungary should take care of this matter.

US-Hungarian relations are strong

This year marks the centenary of US-Hungarian diplomatic relations. According to Mark Dillard, the two countries have a lot in common, and are based on common values: freedom and democracy.

“Tens of thousands of Hungarians fled to the United States after the 1956 revolution, many of them became part of American society, and one and a half million Americans can say they are of Hungarian descent,” the lawyer said.

Although Prime Minister Viktor Orban publicly endorsed Donald Trump in the recent US elections, Mark Dillard believes that the relationship between the two countries remains very close.

– There is a diplomatic relationship, and it is no secret that the Biden and Urban governments are not in the same position in all respects, but, for example, relations between people and within NATO will remain strong in the future.

pointed out.

The diplomat previously stated that Hungary is an excellent destination for companies and a prime destination for business.

– I was working in a business school before I became a diplomat, and I have an economic background. In this regard, I would say that Hungary is a good destination because it is an EU member, has a central location, has access to EU markets, has a well-trained workforce and supports the business, said Mark Dillard, who added that investors would be pleased Choice of Debrecen.

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The writer also talked about the epidemic. He said about 16 percent of people in the United States are vaccinated, but a nationwide and state vaccination program is being pursued, but the United States also reports that the global pandemic calls for a global solution.

– We have provided 200 million vaccines to other countries so far. Because of the variables, the diplomat said, one vaccine is not enough, and we have to respond to those variables.

Mark Dillard emphasized that he is also encouraging those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible.

You can watch the full conversation here:

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