Humanity's first major content addition has arrived with Peace |  news block

Humanity’s first major content addition has arrived with Peace | news block

4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios, A HumanityDLC focuses on diplomacy, new features are available in the game for espionage, and many new cultures and new content have arrived in the strategy game.

After the previous bad news The console version of the game is delayedwe can finally serve you something good Humanity for his fans. The Together We Rule package, which expands our diplomatic options in the strategy game, has arrived.

We will have many new options within the game to peacefully resolve the conflictamong others in the Imperial Forum, Conference Humanity During which we will be able to discuss the outstanding issues in the question. And by using the embassy and agents of infiltration and sabotage, we will be able to impose our will on others.

A new ability, Diplomatic Affinity, and six new cultures focusing on diplomacy, Sumerians, Han Chinese, Bulgarians, Swiss, Scots, and Singaporeans, are now available in the game. In addition to the new paid downloadable content, there was also a free update, the Metternich update added stealth mechanics and UI improvements to the strategy game.

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