His father knew Verstappen would rebel against Red Bull’s decision

The Red Bull team took all kinds of risks on their way to another double win in Saudi Arabia, so they didn’t want their drivers to attack on the fastest lap and the bonus point that comes with it. However, the champion twice acted differently.

After a technical error in qualifying, Max Verstappen, who was catching up, set the fastest lap on the last lap, but Sergio Perez took the win. Jos Verstappen guessed that his son, who was unhappy with the conditions, would not surrender the extra point to his teammate. “I knew he would. That’s nice, isn’t it? That way, at least, he stays top of the league.” Formule1.nl.

A win and second place alone would put the drivers level in the standings. As they approached the finish line, Red Bull required their drivers to complete specific lap times, and they had a comfortable lead over third-place Fernando Alonso.

Verstappen’s father wrongly accused

According to Jos Verstappen, Pérez’s pole position was helped by the conditions. “I don’t think he had a chance often, he saw it and pounced on it. We had such bad luck at the time trial, I won’t go into detail about that. We know what happened. Without this, Max could have easily grabbed the first net, And his racing was easier from there.”

The Mexican driver is at home on street circuits with less grip, he’s only won on such roads (in Baku, Monaco, Singapore and now in Saudi Arabia) for Red Bull.

Verstappen’s father, like many others, expects to take over Red Bull in 2023. “It looks like we’ll be the dominant ones. Our car is very good and you can see how easy it is for the drivers to drive, it’s a second faster than the others. I don’t know if the others will catch up this year, but we are We’re not idling either, we’re also making updates.”

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