He's so sorry he rode a Ferris wheel in a green dress

He’s so sorry he rode a Ferris wheel in a green dress

Not everything looks good in the pictures. Already if it indicates anyway.

Alexmed I thought she was dressed very elegantly: a white blouse, a green stripe, a green bag, and sneakers. It seemed like a good day with the choice of clothes for beautiful sightseeing in London. Only later, when he saw the pictures, did he realize that this was not his best choice of clothing.

They rode with his girlfriend the famous Ferris wheel called the London Eye, where a photo was taken of him, but there was nothing to see under his waist.

When you think you’re wearing zucchini, but you want to have the London Eye

The young woman wrote in the video uploaded to TikTok.

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The green screen is doing me dirty ## MyIdoles ## foryoupage hahahahaha

♬ original voice – pure voices 💕

How did this happen? Well, before they even got on the spinner, they had a professional photo taken of them in front of a green screen for a normal background image of the visitors, as if they had done it above (which would be physically impossible due to the small space of the cabin).

Greenscreen is used in film and television studios, where the background is “projected” onto the green surface, as if the image, the video clip, is actually happening there. However, in such cases, it is not recommended to wear green (in some cases where the background is blue or blue) because the technique of combining the two layers takes it as if it were part of the background in the same way. So Alex Meade disappeared from the waist down in the photo.

This is how you swipe the green screen

I noticed while she was still in the video.

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