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Diana’s biographer reveals something surprising: The Queen gave Meghan a boon in acting – World Star

Diana’s biographer reveals something surprising: The Queen gave Meghan a boon in acting – World Star

So far, we would have believed after that Princess Megan Got married Harry Hirsiggs, Had to abandon his Hollywood career in order to represent the family at various public events and assignments only as a prominent member of the royal family.

But according to Diana biographer Andrew Morton, that was by no means the case, Megan may have continued her career as an actress.

Megan could also have continued her acting career as a member of the royal family

The creator of Diana’s True Story – In Her Own Words, released in 1992 as a guest on a podcast called Royally Obsessed, revealed the fact that Queen Elizabeth herself gave her her blessing for this thing. The reporter was betrayed, the topic was discussed before the wedding, and more promising opportunities for the couple were shown in Sussex.

Photo: Paul / Samir Hussain / Getty Images Hungary

“The queen could have given them complete freedom.” Wherever they could travel, they were told, “Here, here are your travels anywhere, choose the country you want to travel to, and we will take you to the Commonwealth Ambassadors,” according to the writer. daily Mail.

“Nobody was against Meghan’s career as an actress.” He was told that if he did not want to devote all his time to fulfilling the duties of the royal family, he could safely continue his work in the dream factory.


Photo: WPA Pool / Getty Images Hungary

Morton claimed that the opportunities were there, but he said that the Ducal couple did not think about all of this sufficiently before they decided on independence.

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Harry himself dissected the topic in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which was broadcast on CBS last month. In a tumultuous conversation, the colossal harbor said he had several complicated conversations about the tasks that he and his wife would be assigned to in the palace after the wedding. And according to him, some members of the royal family wanted his sweetheart to continue working only because of his financial means, as they could not pay enough for him.

“There were signs before the wedding that made it clear that we’re going to have a very difficult time,” Harry said in the interview.

Princess Diana’s bold dresses

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