Here is the laser pen that we can write with in the air

Here is the laser pen that we can write with in the air

Researchers at the Hongtuo lab in Wuhan, China claim to have created a laser pen that can write letters in the air. The South China Morning Newspaper He says the pen uses very short laser pulses to remove electrons from air molecules and turn them into a plasma that emits light – making it capable of forming words in the air.

SCMP reports that the scientists said they used 3D scanning to arrange the pixels and form Chinese characters, but they gave few details about the process. The pen is said to operate with incredibly short laser beams, just a few millionths of a second, with unfathomable amplitude.

The power of a laser pen can reach one million megawatts, which is not far from the total amount of power that the United States can produce (1.14 million megawatts).

However, because the lasers are so short, the device doesn’t absorb a huge amount of energy, so scientists say it’s relatively safe to use. The team hopes that the pen will one day be used in quantum computing, brain imaging and other advanced technologies. The futuristic According to him, it is possible that the previous invention was killed by the invention.

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