HEOL – Krisztina Oczella is dating a Netflix star

Christina Oxella It seems that he and his partner are inseparable, they support each other in everything. the We broke the news a few days ago About Krisztina’s successful participation in her first bodybuilding competition, to which, of course, her love Sergey Onopko He also congratulated him on instagram.

What do you want to know about Sergey Onopko?
Sergey Onopko is a German actor born on February 3, 1985 in the former Soviet Union in the city of Kharkiv. He has participated in several international film productions since 2012. It has featured, among others, A.S Die Hard – more precious than your life in action film, and since then in more than 35 television films, short films, television series and feature films. As in the 2016 American horror film, A.J in black2018 in a red sparrow And in the highly successful creation of the Germans, which is being played on Netflix They are barbarians In the series of adventure films. Also on this platform we can follow the story of the Last Kingdom, with the handsome actor playing the role of Boltan.

Incidentally, Sergej Onopko’s latest movie is Spy/Master, a Romanian spy drama that debuted on HBO Max.

On May 30 last year, Sergei posted a picture for the first time with his love live from Barcelona on Instagram. In the post, he mentioned Krishti as his soul mate. However, if Instagram model We scanned it and it turned out that they have been a couple for years and have been very happy together ever since.

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