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Index – Culture – The boy from Buda never set foot in Pest

Index – Culture – The boy from Buda never set foot in Pest

Adam Schnell was born in Budapest. interview.

I'm from Budapest, but actually from Buda. To me, this has a clear difference. (…) I did not visit Pest until I was eighteen, except when I had to.

As a teenager, he saw two paths ahead of him: either become a world-famous footballer or a world-famous actor. The first was understandable, because he was kicking skin day and night, but the second was brought to him by roles in school plays and elocution competitions. “There, it started to stir in me that I understood this, that I felt something extra when I had to do this kind of thing.”

Psota encouraged him

But genetics may also have played a role, because although everyone on his father's side was a doctor, his maternal grandfather and even his mother had flirted with the stage. His mother also applied to college, along with István Sztankai, and although the admission failed, they remained good friends with the actor until the end of their lives. Mother Adrienne Halacy was not far from the podium, writing poems and giving concerts.

When Adam applied, he didn't even apply anywhere else, just to drama school, but he wasn't accepted.

Naturally, I was very hurt by this. But by then I had already heard about the National Theater Studio, and I was encouraged by Irene Psotta, who listened to me even before entering university.

He managed to enter the studio and, in addition to studying, was able to immediately go to the theater, where extras were always needed in performances. “So we trained with the likes of Emre Sinkovec, Ferenc Calai, Maria Runecs, Lajos Zee, and I could go on.” The latter was his role model anyway, and he wanted to be like him.

He entered college as a third-place finisher, taking Miklós Zenitar's class, and, as he put it, “we were a very hard-working team.”

His first theater was Madách, which was already finished at that time the cats presentation, but it is still considered prose theater. Until 1993, when it became clear that the musical would be the theme song, Adam Schnell left and became independent.

The musical didn't excite him

I played at the Carinthian Theater, I did dubbing, and then Miklós Benedek approached me to stage the play Elatzer at the Joseph Attila Theater. (…) A brilliant performance was given which was chosen as the best performance of that year.

Since the trio of Benedek Miklós, Josef Attila Szenhas and Adam Schnell would stay for several seasons, director Peter Lehner signed on. György Spiro did not only play lead roles in comedy films FirefoxFor example, “I played the role of a large animal guard and watchman.” Teacher Szinetár recognized him only in the second semester.

“The movie somehow didn't find me,” says Adam Schnell. We saw it on TV, for example NeighbourIn which he starred for about four years. However, he avoided directing, contenting himself with lending his name to sound playback. “It's too much trouble, and I don't like it.”

He lived alongside Best, in the suburban theater, for nearly twenty years.

Vednyansky was waiting for him with open arms

“I had thought about moving before, but the question always arises, where? By then, I realized that I did not want to move to the countryside, because I am a boy from Buda, a person from the capital.

When Attila Vidnyansky got the national stage, I thought this might be a suitable situation. (…) I logged in, and after a short thought, he called me back, saying he was waiting with love.

Ten years have passed. He says he accepts the idiosyncrasies of a director's stage, but he tries to sneak an Adam Schnell ticket into every show. Being an actor, the importance of the profession has changed a lot, but he remains optimistic.

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“I think there will always be theater. AI can't come up with anything better than that.”